Four Great Picks For Food When Dining Out In Tampa FL

We’re going to start this list of four top restaurants in Tampa off with a place to grab some authentic Italian food. With a city like Tampa, you have so many wonderful choices for places to eat. You can find good barbecue, great pizza, delicious Mexican cuisine and more. First up is the Italian food, and boy do I have a pick for you.

The place is called Donatello’s Italian Restaurant. First off, have you ever tried ricotta cheesecake? What a delight that would be, and fresh grouper is one of the menu highlights, too. It appears that this is one of the best spots for authentic Italian food when you’re looking for a place to eat in Tampa FL. According to the reviews, it’s also a fine dining experience.

I also really like places like this next pick, an All-American diner. In fact, that name of the place is Danny’s All-American Diner. The location is 4406 North Falkenburg Road, and you’re talking chili dogs, wings, burgers and all the good stuff. The club sandwich, onion rings and more make the menu highlights, too. The decor of the place is a bit quirky people say, and it’s like a step back in time.

What about a place to get Cuban food? La Teresita Restaurant is located on West Columbus Drive, and roast pork is one of the top menu items served up there. The Cuban sandwich is also a hit, as are the plantains. People say this place features a cozy and casual atmosphere that is very warm and welcoming. How does a stop by La Teresita Restaurant sound to you?

Four Green Fields is another top-notch dining establishment in the city of Tampa. Located on West Platt Street, Four Green Fields is known for its fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, corned beef and cabbage and much more. The place has a thatched roof, which is unique, and soda bread is another one of the menu highlights. Four Green Fields also features what’s called a salmon spread.

I can’t say I have ever tried a salmon spread, have you? I’m not thinking I have ever tried soda bread either. That last stop might would have my first vote, but all four of these amazing restaurants in Tampa sound like great places to visit. It’s all going to depend on what your group has a hankering for in terms of food as you go out to eat in Tampa FL.